[Poe 3.2 Build] Enki’s Arc Witch – just starting out & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

I’m undecided if I understand correctly one of the previous replies. So currently, this build could be more potent as Inquisitor, as an alternative to Witch? I’ve played for the month or two only since your Arc Witch on standard, but currently, I’m considering having some fun inside the new League. Do you think this updated build is excellent to visit as the 1st character inside the new league? Or maybe you may advise me different build, right on the start? Currently, I’ve stuck at level 87 with my witch – not playing a whole lot of POE Currency, and also I’m losing exp on occasion by some accidental deaths (in many instances, unexpected large and influential teams of mobs as opposed to on bosses). Is it true that I’ve made something incorrectly/ missing something significant regarding sustain? Or just this build isn’t made to get “pretty tanky with nice DPS”? I saw few videos regarding build picks for 3.2 – most of them were mele builds which isn’t actually what I’m eager for – I prefer range DPS than mele :) Please, advise me if the new build could well be excellent, or when you know a greater “starting” build. I’ve heard some rumors, which for brand spanking new leagues, gems with item quantity are incredibly useful, but inside 3.1 arc which, such gams will deal terrible lack of DPS :( But when I’m watching YT, I use a feeling that game in my Laptop will not be working with right enough performance to the build depending on dodge everything. I’m seeking some build, that could allow “some small mistakes”… so that it seems like I have to take note also mele based builds Pros: + extremely cheap to gear + fully SSF-capable + relatively fast mapping + flexible can run most map mods + high Block, Spellblock & Mind over Matter Cons: – not provided for Facetanking – mediocre single-target damage – Lightning features a huge damage range – can’t quickly do T16 Guardians, Shaper & Uber Atzir Creator: Enki91

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