Nearly a Quarter of your million Dual Blade Characters Created in MapleStory

Marriages reach your goals in Maple World as Dual Blade characters wed in Nexon’s MapleStory in order to create powerful pairs while receiving benefits as they enjoy wedded bliss. In the initial couple of weeks in the update being live, nearly a quarter of the million Dual Blade characters were made and almost 500 were wed for their in-game loves.

For a restricted time, Dual Blade characters who got married to other MapleStory 2 Mesos Dual Blade characters will get a pet to be a wedding present. Newlywed deadly duos is going to be gifted a Black Kitty, Skunk or Black Bunny randomly. Wedded Dual Blade characters may benefit from the in-game union, receiving added stats inside them for hours access to special party quests, exactly like other maried people in the overall game.

Strategic gamers hungry in working order and advantageous alliances can produce a Dual Blade character and explore the Maple World, joining the an incredible number of MapleStory players and nearly a quarter of any million Dual Blade characters already amongst players. As deadly thieves, the double sword-wielding characters make battling enemy mobs a slashing good time. Now more ways to buy bargain MapleStory 2 Gold, as an example, visit official MMOAH site. (0)

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