‘Mysterious man’ wraps up up against the cold and 6 other activities we noticed as Arsenal train in front of Man United

The Arsenal team hit it ground ahead with the Premier League’s first ‘billion pound game’ against Manchester United on Saturday. Billion pound game? We hear you may well ask. All is revealed here. Anyway, to London Colney, the location where the Gunners stars were seen wrapping up contrary to the cold on Friday.  In fact, some players were so freezing they hid themselves completely up against the elements, so that it is quite not easy to work out FIFA Coins who these were. Here’s seven things we spotted from Arsenal’s Friday afternoon training session before one of the biggest games in this domestic season. Enjoy. Who’s the mystery man!? Who’s the revolutionary boy, eh!? One man caused all kinds of confusion together with his get-up for Friday’s workout, so much to ensure that no one for the club knew who on the planet was taking part within the drills! We joke, we joke. It’s obviously Jack Wilshere…  Transfer news LIVE: All the latest gossip from Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United before January window Kick-ups are harder than they are! Three, four, fiv…. It’s something we’d all love to get good at, and the other that appears to become easy to accomplish, but kick-ups may be surprisingly difficult as Calum Chambers found on the training ground on Friday. Well, for a lot of anyway 7,978, 7979, 7800. Has a man ever looked so comfortable which has a ball at their feet than Alexis Sanchez doing kick-ups while considering his future… we do not think so either! Cold! What cold? Olivier Giroud brings the short shorts. In the past foreign players happen to be mocked for not being competent to stomach the cold winters in England. Well, we provide you with Olivier Giroud as well as gentleman. Take note, Wilshere. Someone has to work for their reflexes Gotcha, oh… hold on. It seems Aaron Ramsey thought there is a small bit more pace about the ball than there actually was when someone fired it his strategies training. Is there a more formidable sight? Someone requiring three points? He might not be for the top of every Arsenal fan’s Christmas list, but there are not many greater sights than this man wearing your club’s colours, surely!? Yes, actually… The boy is back town. In some ways Chambers has developed into a forgotten man at Arsenal, however you can’t argue that they looks the part strutting on the training ground, that’s without a doubt! If you want to learn more about FUT Coins for sale, please continue to keep an eye on MMOAH. (0)

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