Amazon Leaks New Tie-In Novel, Red-Shirt Guy Ponders Playable Sub-Races has leaked a different World of Warcraft tie-in novel called “Shadows of Argus: Before the Storm”. According for Cheap Warmane Gold the brief description, it…tells the tale of what awaits the heroes with the Horde along with the Alliance inside the wake in their struggle up against the demonic Burning Legion”. Christie Golden, author in the book, has confirmed that it is indeed legit understanding that the book will probably be coming out on May 15, 2018 and it is currently readily available for preorder.

In other WoW news, and definitely unexpected over a quiet Sunday, Ian “Red Shirt Guy” Bates, has penned a speculative check out possible playable subraces which will be coming from the next expansion. By utilizing datamined strings of code, has has concluded that you can find possibly numerous as four playable races includes:

Nightborne (sub race of Blood Elves) Highmountain Tauren (Tauren) Void Elf (Night Elf) Lightforged Draenei (Draenei)

There are a few compelling main reasons why he believes this, however the main reason behind it really is due on the background within the character select screen. For instance, the Nightborne have coding that indicates “Silvermoon” on character select, hence thinking that they will probably be a sub-race from the Bloodelves.

KayRule had looked throughout the “chrraces” folder (WH edit: file), containing data for all those races, playable and NPC alike, that will equip armor. At the very bottom in the list were four new entries: Nightborne, Hightmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, and “Void Elf.” Stranger still was their data for “CreateScreenFile” and “SelectScreenFile.” This information is utilized to indicate what are the background shows up within the character creation screen. Non player races which could equip gear, like fel orcs, naga, vrykul, and forest trolls, will have entries of “0” for anyone fields as these are not playable and could not appear for the character creation screen. Not only do several new entries have values for the purpose background should appear during character creation, they’re a similar entries as certain other races.

Obviously lots of excitement has cropped up with this speculative thinking, however, the backdrop on character select seems a lttle bit thin. Obviously, with Blizzcon literally just throughout the corner, we ought to know more in the couple of weeks one way or perhaps the other.

Others assume that “sub-race” could be just a cosmetic by providing additional character creation options when generating a character in the start. Don’t hesitate, there’s cheap Warmane Gold available for purchase in MMOAH. (1)

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